Each year the Department of English, St. Stephen’s College, accepts students with a wide range of abilities and an openness to learning. Reading literatures in English with us enables the considerable promise young students start out with. The four year programme in literature offers a rigorous training in intellectual traditions and will require many foundational changes in you. You will develop skills to read literary works with critical engagement and always with alertness to a wide range of contextual frames—political, sociological and philosophical. The study of literary works with us becomes an agential practice. You will be part of a wonderful range of conversations that will prepare you for much else besides.

Discipline I courses are for students who have opted to specialize in literature. Across a four year period, these courses travel an impressive range, spanning long periods of time, genres and alternative locations. They encourage you to discern the politics of canon formation and challenge you to recalibrate your understanding of ‘literature.’ Many thresholds will be crossed here, and critical concepts fine-tuned. Even as you are trained in writing short papers, you will also gain confidence in developing your own research questions later in the programme.  Discipline II courses are for students who major in subjects other than literature. The six papers offered acquaint students with upcoming fields of research within literary studies, especially those with a transdisciplinary focus. The Department also teaches Application and Foundation courses that illustrate many other aspects of our pedagogy, from language instruction to translation practice. Interested students are encouraged to read brief descriptions of Discipline I, Discipline II, Foundation and Application courses on offer, on the St. Stephen’s College website.

Our faculty is trained in varied schools of scholarship and learning. Gender and film studies, African American literature, Indian writing, European drama, postcolonial studies, performance studies and popular culture are some of the faculty’s areas of research. We bring to lectures and tutorials our diverse enthusiasms. Often these interests take a life beyond the classroom – the Poetry Society, English Literary Society, Shakespeare Sabha, Shakespeare Society and Fine Arts Society are only some of the avenues where the extra-curricular lives of our faculty and students take shape. We also design and host an Annual International Conference that encourages our students and faculty to present research to an open audience


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